ECO-FRIENDLY Introduction:

     We firmly believe that children's toys should be safe, and harmless for our environment. We firmly believe that everyone has a great impact on the environment. Our toys focus on the protection of the environment and society, through the use of renewable forest (FSC wood) production, and the use of renewable recycled paper, and we use the ratio Conventional paints contain water-based paints of lower chemical quality. Every step of magicolor is a big step in the right direction.

Plan for reforestation

     We will implement a plan for reforestation in the extraction of wood raw materials. As a log processing industry, we have a responsibility and obligation to restore the natural habitat, maintain ecological balance, slow down the contribution of global warming a part of their own strength.

The future, for the magicolor means:

      The establishment of eco-friendly factory production, take the initiative for the world's environmental protection and contribute to sustainable development!