Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Chemical materials
Control of the use of chemicals from the source, each batch of testing by a qualified third-party laboratory to complete.
Third party laboratories
The product test report is updated annually by an independent third party certification body laboratory
Roving assessment procedure
Product development at every stage, according to repeated testing of professional testing procedures, product selection, design, process assessment. This round-trip assessment process ensures the safety of mass production and 100% good quality.
The first batch of new product physical security verification

In the production process, the first batch of each new product is subjected to comprehensive mechanical and physical safety verification.

Torque test

To simulate the risk of infant after twisting the product may occur.

The product was fixed in a torque-testing apparatus and applied a torque of 0.45 N.M or +/- 180 within 5 seconds. , For 10 seconds to check whether the product is spin out, resulting in small parts, sharp points and other hazards.

Rally test 

The risk of imitating baby pull products.

The product is fixed in the tensile force of the product testing device, in 5 seconds to apply 70N tension, for 10 seconds, check whether the product is pulled out, whether small parts, cusps and other dangerous.

Pressure test

Simulation of possible damage to the product after compression.

Apply a pressure of 136 Nlbs for 5 minutes using a pressure tester for 10 minutes and check that the product is crushed to create small objects, sharp points, and the like.

Color fastness test
On the surface of the paint products, in order to avoid fade, affecting the appearance, the color fastness test. First with a cutting tool in the product zoned 100, with a brush brush clean, 810/600 tape adhesive tape on the grid, and so on a minute later, Diaoqi area of not more than 15% of qualified products.
Environmental testing
Place the product in an environment with a temperature of 45 ° C for 45 hours at room temperature for 4 hours to check the appearance and function of the product to check the resistance of the product to high and low temperature.
Transportation Testing
Simulation of products in the container after transport may occur after the damage to ensure that the packaging of the product protection, the appearance of packaging placed in the shock box machine 220rpm shock for one hour, then check the packaging and product appearance, function, etc. are damaged, intact Packaging and products for the qualified products.
Sharp point test
A sharp point tester is used to check the momentary items that can be touched by infants and to reduce sharp cuts that may cause tingling damage to the child, for design and production, etc. Sharp edges must be avoided.
Small object testing.
Small object test cylinder for the detection of children under the age of three products and product parts for the existence of small parts, infants and young children caused by suffocation obstruction injury, if the products and components can be completely into the cylinder, products and components for small objects, prohibited Children under the age of three play.
Rattling test
Use A-mode test equipment to check the product and its components, to avoid the special shape of the object may cause infants and young children suffocation damage, if the product and its components exposed at the end of A-mode tester, then 18 months old children prohibited play.
Drop Test

Simulation products and cots, cradles and other high-altitude drop may cause damage to the product,

According to the product size, weight and use of different ages, the product from 138 cm or 93 cm height free fall to the standard test floor, repeat 10 times or 4 times, after each test 1 times check whether the product produces small parts, Cusp and so on.