Certification standards

Certification standards

Certification standards
      Product quality points mainly based on product quality can meet product acceptance standards. Different products have different acceptance criteria, acceptance criteria are generally: 

欧盟玩具标准EU toy standards
美国消费者委员会玩具安全标准American Society for Testing and Materials
日本国家玩具安全标准Japan National Toy Safety Standard

中国国家玩具安全标准China National Toy Safety Standard
中国国家玩具安全标准China National Toy Safety Standard
国际玩具通行标准International Standard for Toys
国际质量管理体系认证International quality management system certification
aEnterprise standards

     And other countries around the relevant laws and regulations, and meet including mechanical and physical properties of products, flammable and heavy metal elements, organic chemical testing requirements.

Certification authority
       FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that promotes the management of the world's forests.

       FSC is an independent certification, affixed to the logo of the product to consumers to ensure that: raw materials from the forest products, the use of these forests in line with current and future economic, social and ecological environmental protection requirements. MAGIC COLOR Provides products in full compliance with FSC specifications to support this environmental philosophy.

        Purchasing wood products with FSC-certified logos avoids the purchase of products derived from endangered or illegally harvested products and assures consumers that the products come from forests that meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations, as well as green Peace support.

       ICTI Code is the international toy industry to comply with industry standards. Founded in 1974, ICTI aims to promote the interests of toy manufacturers in member countries and to promote toy safety standards based on the spirit of ensuring a legitimate, safe and healthy operation of the toy industry.

       ICTI launched a certification program called Business Code to improve the image and working environment of the toy manufacturing industry.

       Wood play family in the country passed the ICTI industry certification, in the domestic and international mainstream brands and consumers recognized by the toy, will take the initiative to assume corporate social responsibility and obligations.

      Any country's products to enter the European Union, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certified, affixed to the CE mark on the product. CE certification is the product to enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Area countries pass the market.