Design and development
Design and development

       Magicolor product design is a long and challenging work. As if in the metropolis of busy cross the street, who can first find a small piece of no one has set foot in the blank area.
      Do not move troops and horses, forage first. Research prior to design, design before production.
      We explore the market before the market, we guarantee the value of the product before production.
      We use the design to prove the value, we use consciousness to determine the advantages.

      Magicolor design team - Okeykids, means that the magic of color in the smoke of the toy market into a large number of soldiers, do not fight unprepared war, indisputable campaign.
      The products we design are not simply simply superimposing products and functions.
      We continue to watch, investigate, study consumer objects, after the accumulation of overthrow, and then accumulated.
      Accurate judgments of the market, precise positioning of consumer groups, in order to have refined to design, only the final product as the essence of the show.
      After the product is made, we evaluate the dealer and the end customer by collecting, constantly thinking and perfecting.
     Everything we do is to enhance the value of the brand, in order to make our market more extensive, we move forward more secure, more powerful!