What are the material of wooden toys

What are the material of wooden toys

What are the material of wooden toys

Although say is wooden toys, some people only know is wood, wooden toys or actually divided into more than kinds of.

Wooden toys currently on the market in sales in China one of the most common materials are: pine, wood, basswood, basswood, plywood, MDF, wood composite board, often said that the density of the board), beech, rubber wood.

Pine: the cheapest (imports more expensive), lighter, show white, wood road is bigger, than other wood is easy to crack.

Lotus wood: the most commonly used as wooden toys, price is pine high density is high, the heavier, uniform texture, resistance to fall off.

Basswood: beige, light weight, no wood grain, resistance to fall off, compared with the previous two expensive.

Basswood splint: easy cutting, commonly used to manufacture wooden puzzles.

MDF: density board, easy cutting, brown, wooden toys, mix water (paint) on the part of the commonly used, the price is cheap.

Ju wood: uniform grain, transverse section is a bit like a grain of rice, bit by bit, the high price is lotus wood, and resistance to fall off.

Rubber wood: made of this wood toys, exports for many, is mainly to age very small children to use, feel is very good, very safe.

Additional import wood general than domestic wood price is high, better.Whether resistance and it remains to be seen whether processing front after drying and baking time grasp the degree.Time no good control, and many times of wood will crack.
Wooden toys is mainly used in the above several.The whole wooden blocks are quite resistant to fall off.Considering ratio of lotus wood best the most practical