Alibaba Mega March

Alibaba Mega March

Alibaba Mega March--How do we benefit from the Trade Assurance Order


We are all aware that Alibaba has been pushing its TA order(Trade Assrance) at high costs.

And March has always been its important month because most buyers are more likely to place order this month.

As an alibaba 15 year golden supplier,we will support their policy and participate in this event.

So what is the benefit for our buyers after all?Allow me to briefly introduce it below:


1.Discount:Any member thats never used TA order before can get a 3% discount of the initial payment if it exceeds $1000.But it tops at $200.


2.Free Inspection:during the Promotion Period, Eligible Members of entering into a Trade Assurance Services Purchase Contract with an Initial Payment of US $5,000 and above will enjoy on that order a one-time free inspection service provided by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Service Co., Ltd. for inspection services conducted in Mainland China prior to shipment only.


At this point we will also come up with some of our own benefits for the buyers to keep our step with alibaba.

For the details you should contact us by is a whole sales team responding all the doubts.

And detailed terms of alibaba Mega March is in this site:


We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries.

Please dont hesitate to contact us at any time!