Crazy Spring Rush about to get on

From: Clover
publisher: eva
Time: 2017-01-11
Crazy Spring Rush about to get on

12th,January,2017(15th,Dec on Luner Calender),the transport during Spring Festival will begin.

This is practically when workers from Chinese factories start their spring festival holiday.It's their one time to be in their hometown and be with their family for 1 month.
They have already managed their hand on the tickets,which can never be easy.

Each year there are workers not getting proper tickets.
Some will have to stand for tens of hours for the whole ride.
Others need to take several different rides as interchanges to get to their destination.
And a few will have to take air-way back home which could be twice or more times as high as alternatives.

To avoid all those inconveniences,owners of factories will let workers leave a little earlier,which needs estimation of the production and holiday period.
The workers will sometimes ask to leave earlier to guarantee their smooth trip home.

This is exactly why we need to know in advance purchasing plans from our customers before Chinese New year and right after it.
After all we wouldn't want to get in the way of our workers and their beloved families.


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