Wooden toys

Wooden toys

Made of wooden materials qualified children toys, divided into pure wooden toys and toy synthesis system.More environmental protection, durable, help children to grow up.

Referred to as"

Wooden toys, just as its name implies, the raw material of wood.

Divided into: pure wooden toys, synthetic wooden toys, wooden auxiliary toys and so on.

Pure wooden toys, such as: manual sculpture.

The synthesis of wooden toys, such as: plywood puzzles.

Wood and auxiliary toys, such as: wooden inertial cars.

Classification of toys

Blocks class

Jigsaw puzzle class

Early childhood educational class

Drag the toys

Toy brands

Brands are: strawberry company in Japan, the United States Melissa&Doug, sevi and Hape TRUDI, Germany, Italy, Spain tropicana,China's peculiar wood play family, Danny, trojans wisdom and family huan, intellectual cubic and childlike innocence.