The development of wooden toys

The development of wooden toys

Ancient times wooden toys, wooden toys, is a single, modern wooden toys are different degree of practical approach and process of material process, reach toy function diversified, more functional.

Wooden toys in the toy category a large category, has a long history, wooden toys in Europe and the developed countries of the each stage of historical development, the unique cultural ideology, in Europe and the United States have their own country's history, wooden toys, Germany was the earliest is also one of the most famous.In Germany in the ancient times, there is a belt lathe, wooden toys is belt lathe processing, after polishing by hand, this kind of the size of the wooden toys from small a few feet to a lot of toys, this kind of toy is the most representative works, wooden ark.

There is a man called alberta in Philadelphia, he is German, immigration to the United States in 1872, he started for the circus toys made wooden horse, he made wooden horse has the characteristics of flexible, lifelike, was used by many local circus, has still to see it, is very popular at that time the Trojan.Later, the circus in the Trojan installed four wheels, becomes the rudiment of ancient carriage.

Because the wooden horse, in after the manufacture of wooden toys, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden ships, tractors and other wooden appeared, until now, wooden plane became the children's favorite toy, from this we can see, wooden toys have a long history and culture connotation, gives the flavor of The Times.

In other wooden toys, stilts and gyro is also children love toys, wooden toys, stilts, it is very simple, entertaining, gyro is the most simple wooden toys in practical production process, but most children of application, when I was a child playing on the ice gyro, when the gyroscope rotation, learned from mechanics principle, acceleration and so on knowledge, and it can be said that the wooden toys for people in the intelligence development.

In our country, the wooden toys more has a long history, famous game hua-rong-dao in ancient times, when I was a child always play, understand the role of each character, capability and combat skills are very important, after again wooden toy building blocks, in the process of building blocks, and understand the reason of building and structures, good will not fall, the building of science is not down, and it may develop a lot of architects, say so, toy is the intelligence of human enlightenment always, play good children will obviously superior intelligence, it also gives the glorious duty of toy manufacturers.
Wooden toys in general has nature, abstract and art in the form of form.The essence of the morphology of nature has the toy, give a person spiritual comfort, abstract form performance of toy intelligence factors, give a person infinite daydream.Art form performance of toy appreciate factors, give a person the feeling.When people are feeling depressed, if he is enjoying a big stupid toys, so he more painful, at that time, he enjoy a colorful, elegant appearance, looks very happy toy, the mood will be very different.

Wooden toys are not just on the intelligence development has a unique charm, also has the very good characteristics in other ways, practical safety is the first, because the wooden toys are made of wood processing, non-toxic tasteless, is of great help to the children's physical and mental health, then there is unbreakable, wear-resisting, the advantages of resistance to break, it is also keen to buy foreign factors of China's wooden toys.