Best Toys for Kids of All Ages

Many toys on the market, the color is gorgeous, fashionable, variety, for parents to buy toys, each selected toys for your child, always think "headache".Don't look at the toy toy as the stars of the market, roughly points, can also be divided into three categories: teaching class, partners, and life experiences.

Teaching class:
Similar letters, Numbers, learning toys are thin parents like, but in fact this toy for smaller children attracted is leisurely, after two years of age children can choose;

Plush doll doll looks be like simple, has been popular children's favorite, because they are able to accompany children, are beneficial to the fostering of emotional quotient of children;

Life experience class:
To the house of the design of children toy, the children in the basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle life experience and imitation, a joy;

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