3 ways to keep screws hidden away and under cover

   1. Place them out of sight

Perhaps the most obvious way to hide screws is simply locating them where they can’t or aren’t likely to be seen, such as the underside of a cabinet top or tabletop , or on the back face of a cabinet.

2. Cover them with other parts 

If screws must be used on the visible faces of a project, take time during the design process to find or create locations where a length of molding or another part of the project will hide them. Just remember that once covered, the screws will be difficult, if not impossible, to access, so make sure you don’t need to reposition or disassemble any parts before applying the concealing piece.

3. Bury them in counterbores

A counterbore recesses a screwhead below the surface of a workpiece. You then plug the counterbore to either hide it or highlight it 


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