Why do not your children want to go to kindergarten?
Why do not your children  want to go to kindergarten?

 We analyzed the most common reasons why most children do not want to go to kindergarten. Baby does not like kindergarten how to do? Is the kindergarten bad?
Mothers want more, in fact, the baby does not want to have many reasons for kindergarten, the following together to analyze the baby do not want to kindergarten five reasons.
1.They Do not want to separate with Mom and Dad
For the baby, my parents in the side, my heart will have a very sense of security. After the kindergarten, to face the stomach to deal with the problem, not difficult to imagine the child will have a sense of loss, anxiety and loss of feeling.

2.They got Fear of unfamiliar surroundings
Accustomed to their familiar fake, but now they have to time in a school full of strangers, the children will feel baffled anxiety and anxiety.

3.They are unable to adapt to group life
Baby to the kindergarten, the group must comply with the norms, the things you want to share with people, want to eat snacks, toys have to line up, everywhere is limited, so that kindergarten is not fun.

4.They can not keep up with the progress of the group
Group life is often unable to adapt, if the baby can not keep up with the progress of the kindergarten, will feel frustrated, will also have psychological pressure, the thought of kindergarten on the tension.

5.Interpersonal communication setbacks
Children are eager to friendship, had hoped in kindergarten and many children can play together, however, really on the kindergarten, if the other children porridge, exclusion, the child may not want to go.

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