what exercise should kids do?

what exercise should kids do?

Physical exercise can enhance the ability of children to adapt to changes in the external environment of children, and promote long-term development and health of children. Physical exercise should be from 2 weeks after birth to 1 month, with age, step by step, once the start should be adhered to, not easily interrupted. Can carry out air bath, solarium and water bath, combined with touching and passive exercise at the same time.
1.Air bath
Temperature and body surface temperature difference between the stimulus as the body can exercise. Regular contact with fresh air is the first step, the summer from 2-4 weeks after birth can be in the shade and outdoor activities, sleep 5 to 10 minutes; winter can be the first window in the room to breathe fresh air to be used to cold air can be moved To the outdoor no wind, gradually increase the outdoor time.
Air bath is more moderate, in addition to a very weak person can accept outside, can be 2-3 months after birth, first in the room, room temperature not lower than 20 ℃; start dressing, then gradually reduced to shorts , To be used in children after the appropriate temperature, no strong winds moved outdoors; implementation time varies according to different seasons and regions, but should not often change to 1-1.5 hours after a meal is better, 1-2 times a day , The duration of each time from the beginning of 2-3 minutes, gradually increased to 2-3 hours (summer); the implementation of air bath temperature, in the 3 years of age and frail children to not less than 15 ℃ is appropriate; Year-old not less than 14 ℃ -12 ℃; school-age children can be reduced to 12 ℃ -10 ℃. After the first strip of children with a dry towel to rub the body skin to reddish to prepare. Air bath should always pay attention to the reaction of children, especially the frail children, if lips are blue, pale skin, from the chicken skin and other cold performance, should immediately stop.

Daylight in the ultraviolet 7-dehydro-cholecalciferol can become vitamin D, can prevent rickets. In addition, in the sunlight under the peripheral vascular expansion, circulation speed up, promote cardiopulmonary function. Due to ultraviolet rays can not be through the glass window, it should often bring children to outdoor activities and sleep.

When the temperature above 22 ℃ and no wind, you can sunbathe outdoors. An air bath is performed for a period of time prior to sunbathing. For sunbathing 1-1.5 hours after breakfast the most appropriate, not fasting. In the shade or under the arbor, so that children lying in bed, wearing a cap to avoid overheating the head, eyes to avoid direct sunlight. First drying back, and then drying the trunk on both sides, and finally the sun belly abdomen. At the beginning of each side of the sun for half a minute, each side gradually increased by half a minute, until a solarium time of 25-40 minutes up. When the outdoor temperature is higher than 30 ℃ should not be straight sun. Sunbathing should pay attention to pediatric reactions, dizziness, headache, sweating, weakness, etc. should immediately stop.

3.Water bath
Water heat transfer capacity of 30 times stronger than the air, a greater role in regulating the body temperature. Neonatal umbilical cord stump off after drying can begin to wash warm water bath (water temperature 37-37.5 ℃), each 7-12 minutes, action should be fast, immediately after washing with a dry towel wrapped dry. Winter wash 1 times a day, summer to 2 times. After 2 years of age should be cold water wash your face, wash your hands, perseverance, wash with a towel that is dry. 
Water bath is divided into the following 

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