Certification standards for toy products in diffrent countries

Certification standards for  toy products in diffrent countries 

Toy testing requirements become more stringent. Many countries have established their programs and businesses, such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, GB and the EU Toys Directive's own safety regulations must ensure that their products meet the relevant standards before the goods can be sold in these places. Chiang Kai-shek Detection Co., Ltd. will help your products successfully enter the international market.

Products include:
Electric toys
Radio remote control toys
Plush toys
 plastic toys
Inflatable Toys
wooden toy
Other children 's products

International standard toys testing services:
European toy standards - EN71 Part 1 - 11, EN62115
US toy standards - CPSC, ASTM F963-07, CPSC 16CFR1303
Australian Standards for Toys - AS / NZS ISO8124 Part 1 - 3
National Toy Standard
Canadian Toys Standard - Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulations C.R.C., c.931

We provide different logo certification services to ensure the safety of your toys
Toy CE Mark Certification (EU)
Other harmful chemical substances detection:
Phthalates 2005/84 / EC
Total Cadmium Regulation 91/338 / EEC
Banned azo dyes 2002/61 / EC
Packaging Directive 94/62 / EC

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