Is plush smart toys or plastic toy better For 0 - 6-year-old children?

Is plush smart toys or plastic better For 0 - 6-year-old children?

Both can be. when it comes to buy toys ,The most important things to  to consider is  "safety", "non-toxic", "anti-swallowing"
In addition, children of different ages need toys are not the same.
For newborn babies,
The body is in a state of perceiving the world. Suitable for the baby to select some clutch toys, such as rattles,
Bed bell and so on.
For 3-6 months baby, is in a lively period, you can make some simple
Effective action. Suitable for the baby to buy some building blocks, card books and so on.
For 7-12 months of the baby,
Has been the basic ability to act, has been from the simple pronunciation to the conscious low-speaking, like quietly playing,
But also like to put a variety of things in his mouth, this time for him to buy toys should consider choosing to exercise his living
Dynamic ability of toys. Small xylophone, walker and other products is the first choice for the age of toys.
Age 1-2 years old baby at this time began to learn to speak, and some have a certain vocabulary,
Behavior by the big action to fine action, have a certain ability to identify and think.
At this time you can choose some simple operable toys, such as puzzles and other games is very suitable.
For more than 3 years old baby. Life has been a great circle of development, rapid development of social skills.
Like to imitate adults, you can choose the combination of brain and hands-on toys, such as educational toys.

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