what is MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)?

what is MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard)?

Our products like  wooden doll house,wooden kitchen toy ,wooden musical instruments are basically made of  good quality ,so we will introduce some details about this  material.

Medium density fiberboard  : Medium density fiberboard is a special compound  which use plant fiber as raw materials, added with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resin, under pressure  and hast and then it  form  the density of 0.50 ~ 0.88g / cm3 range of plate, Other suitable additives are added to improve sheet properties.

1. The internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, the deformation is small.
2. The strength of the inner bond, the modulus of elasticity, the strength of the plate and the edge of the plate, and the mechanical strength of the bolt are better than those of the particleboard.
3. Surface smooth, easy to secondary processing, can paste veneer veneer, sliced ​​veneer, paint paper, impregnated paper, can also be directly paint and printing decoration.
4. Medium-density fiberboard larger format, the thickness can also be in the range of 2.5 ~ 35mm changes, according to different purposes of production.
5. Machining performance, saw cut, drilling, open tenon, milling groove, sanding and other processing properties similar to wood, and some even better than wood.
6. Easy to carving and milling into a variety of surface, the shape of the furniture parts, processed into the edge of the edge can be directly without paint and other finishing treatment.
7. In the production of medium density fiberboard by adding waterproofing agent, fire retardant, preservatives and other chemicals, the production of special purpose medium density fiberboard.

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